Targeted Ultrasound Initiative

TUI Statements

  • US should be available to detect synovitis objectively, permitting the accurate diagnosis of RA (according to ACR/EULAR classification criteria).
  • US should be available both for patients with suspected arthritis and for patients with undifferentiated arthritis.
  • US should be performed in all patients with RA who have reached their stable treatment target of remission (or low disease activity) in order to provide an objective evaluation of disease activity.
  • All rheumatology departments should have at least one US machine available (of a sufficient standard to perform an acceptable evaluation of disease activity i.e. Gray Scale and Doppler) and have suitably qualified individuals to use it.
  • All individuals performing musculoskeletal US to diagnose and manage inflammatory arthritis should be trained appropriately and qualified for this purpose.
  • All countries should seek to develop a network/framework for educating rheumatologists practising US to achieve the above.